IYN Tank Stands - Hang String Lights

IYN Stands

Regular price $150.00

Designed for portable set-up on any surface for outdoor light installation, each stand comes with a sturdy, 9.6-foot (115 inch) powder-coated steel pole and a polypropylene tank. The 2-piece pole slides into the tank that is filled with sand or water for added weight. A 1.5-inch clip at the top of the pole allows for lights to be securely connected up to a 20-foot span (using lite gauge string lights, as shown in listing). When filled with water, the stand is approximately 123 lbs. Alternatively, when filled with sand, the stand is approximately 186 lbs.

Black slipcovers are available for the stands at $40 each.


  • (2) metal tubes slide together to create a 9.6-foot (115-inch) pole
  • (1) 17-inch tall, 16-inch diameter cylinder polypropylene black tank with a 2-inch fill and drain
  • (1) 1.5 inch clip for attaching lights


Lights, extension cords, water or sand for filling tank

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