Tips For Determining Indoor Installation With IYN Tank Stands

Ask yourself the following...

Can I fill the tanks with sand and use a dolly or hand truck to move them into position? Or do I have access to a hose to fill the tanks at the setup location?

Do I want to "dress" the tanks up with slipcovers?  Order our Black Canvas Slipcovers.

Do I need to be concerned about scratching the surface that I'm setting up on such as an interior wood floor?

  • YES. Then purchase our protective floor covers. 
  • NO. I'm setting up on carpet, concrete or tile.

Am I okay with only being able to span the lights up to 20 feet? 

  • YES. Great!
  • NO. Then be prepared to purchase small sandbags to add extra weight to the tanks.

Am I using heavy duty string lights as shown in this picture?

YES. Then you'll want to switch to thin gauge lights. Click HERE.

Am I concerned about the tanks being set up on unstable ground?

  • Then you'll want to purchase wedges for balancing the tanks.