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Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions

How do I determine the pole stand style I need?

String Light Pole Stands with Tank Base
 are ideal for locations that don’t allow you to bolt or screw into a wooden deck, fence, or patio.  They are also ideal for rental companies that will set up temporary lights for events. Tank Stands are designed for shorter runs of string lights of approximately 20 feet if using thin gauge string lights such as G40 string lights. Tank stands cannot support heavy gauge string lights as sold at Costco.

String Light Pole Stands with Base Plate are ideal for a permanent set up where you can bolt or screw into a wooden deck or wedge anchor into concrete. They are also ideal for longer runs of string lights. They can accommodate a 30-foot span of G40 string lights.

String Light Pole Stands with Brackets
 are designed to attach to fence posts, railings or concrete walls. The 9' 6" pole comes with 2 brackets that are 4.25" long and 2" deep allowing the pole to bypass a standard fence post cap or railing cap. They can accommodate a 30-foot span of G40 string lights.

I'm having trouble putting my poles together, what should I do?
This product is designed for a precise fit. Grease is recommended for initial assembly. If you have trouble putting the 2 pieces together apply some grease/lubrication to the sections. VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS

How do I attach a pole stand to a wood deck?
If you can access underneath your deck click here to learn How To Install Using Bolts.
If you can NOT access underneath your deck click here to learn How to Install Using Lag Screws.

How do I install my pole stand on concrete?
Click here to learn How to Install Pole Stands on Concrete

How do I install IYN Tank Stands indoors?
For indoor installations, we recommend using sand to avoid any accidental water damage.  If the use of sand is not an option then keep in mind that you might need to wheel the tanks to a water source using a hand truck or dolly. Click here for additional installation information.

How do I winterize my Tank Stands?
If you live in areas that experience freezing temperatures during the winter you will need to drain your tank if it is filled with water and store it empty. If your tank is filled with sand you can leave it up year round.

How do I install my pole to a fence?
Click here for How To Install Pole With Brackets

What type of lights should I purchase?
We highly recommend using G40 Bistro Lights, as they are durable, lightweight, use plastic bulbs (that won't shatter), and are energy efficient LED. We don't recommend heavy duty string lights such as the ones sold at Costco as those types of light can be 4x heavier than our G40 lights and create undo pull and wear on string light poles.

Can I connect multiple string light strands to one pole?
Yes, but each string will add additional strain. For Tank stands we don't recommend running multiple strands from one stand as it may become unstable.

How do I eliminate the sagging of lights over long spans?
We recommend using G40 Bistro Lights as they are lighter than other types of string lights (up to 4x lighter) so they will experience less sagging. We don't suggest trying to make string lights "taut" or overly tight as it creates undue strain on the string light poles. If you decide you need to have tight string lights you may need to attach to structures or trees that can support the strain.

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