How To Install IYN Tank Stands

IYN Tank Stand Installation – Indoors or Outdoors 

Tools Needed:

  • Either sand or water to fill the tanks. The tanks hold approximately 123 lbs. of water or approximately 186 lbs. of sand. Sand can be purchased or sourced naturally. Home Depot sells 50 lb bags of All Purpose sand for $3.97.
  • String Lights - the tank stands can only accommodate thin cord string lights, often called G40 Bistro Lights. They can be found here IYN Customizable String Lights or at Novelty Lights.  The heavy-duty Costco style Edison lights will cause the tank stands to be tippy.
  • Black Zip Ties
  • Nippers For Zip Ties
  • Hose – if using water
  • Extra Large Funnel – if filling with sand an extra-large funnel with can be very helpful 
  • Dolley or Hand Truck – if you can’t fill the tanks where you’re going to place them, you’ll need a method for moving them into place. 
  • Wedges - If the tanks are set up on unsteady ground you can use plastic  or wooden wedges to level them.
  • Black Sand Bags - If you’re going to run long spans of string lights and you’re concerned about tipping the poles over you can add black sandbags to the top of the tank for an indoor set up.
  • Staking Equipment – Black Parachute cord, 8’ spikes, and a hammer.
    • This is another option for stabilizing if you’re setting up on grass. Tie a 5’ piece of black parachute cord in a loop around the pole.  Slide the cord down to where the pole and the top of the tank meet. Then use an 8” spike to anchor the cord down to the ground.
  1. Set the tanks in the desired location and fill with sand or water, or fill at hose spicket and wheel them into position. Heads up, the water can push the caps out with it gets to sloshing around a lot!
  1. Connect the 2 pieces of the poles together and insert them in the tank. Make sure to add the eye hook and carabiner to the top of the pole.
  1. Using any stabilizing methods if needed.
  1. Hang your string lights. If you don’t want the lights to slide inside the carabiners secure them using black zip ties.