IYN Tank Stand Installation – Indoors or Outdoors

1. Screw the eye bolt into the small threaded hole at the top of the upper pole.
2. Attach the carabiner through the eye bolt
3. Apply grease packet over the threads on each pole section.
4. Screw poles together until tight.


PDF Instructions

NOTE: : If your product was shipped to you, your tank will arrive in a separate box within a few days.


Tools Needed:
• Sand (186 lbs.) or water (123 lbs.) to fill the tanks. Sand can be purchased at a hardware store or sourced naturally
• Extra-large funnel – if filling with sand an extra-large 2” mouth funnel helps
• Dolly or Hand Truck if you need to move the tanks after filling
• Plastic Wedges if you need to level the tank on an uneven surface


1. Set the tank in the desired location, remove plug and fill with sand or water. Replace cap. If moving the tank after filling, be aware that the water can push the plug out if it starts sloshing around a lot!
2. Insert assembled pole into center hole in the top of the tank
3. Use an additional stabilizing method of staking or sandbags if needed (below)
4. Hang your string lights. Do not exceed a 20-foot span of thin cord lights.

Sand Bags if you’re running long spans of string lights and you’re concerned about tipping the poles over you can add sandbags to the top of the tank for extra stability. Fill the sandbags with sand approximately half full so they can lay flat and blend in with the tank or fit under the tank slipcover if you ordered one. Position the sandbags on the opposite side of the tank from the direction that the lights are pulling. Add multiple sandbags if needed.

Staking if you’re setting up on grass or sand tie a 3’ piece of black parachute cord in a loop around the pole. Slide the cord down to where the pole and the top of the tank meet. Angle the cord on the opposite side of the tank from the direction that the lights are pulling. Use an 8” spike to anchor the cord down to the ground.

• Use black zip ties to secure string lights in the carabiner clips
• Use a slightly damp cloth to spot clean (if needed). Wipe dry with a clean dry cloth.
• Find how-to videos and more information at www.IYNstands.com
• Browse our selection of String Lights at AllsopGarden.com
• Share photos of your set up - email support@IYNstands.com
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• IYN Stands assumes no liability if faulty or dangerous installation practices are used.
• Use caution around power lines and electrical hazards during installation. Do not assemble poles during an electrical storm, rainstorm, or when lightning is possible .
• If using a ladder, follow ladder instructions and use best safety practices.