Tools Needed:
• (4) 3/8 x 3” wedge anchors
• Drill with 3/8” concrete drill bit
• Pen to mark holes
• Method to clean out the holes (vacuum, blow out
bulb, air compressor)
• Socket set, wrench, or nut driver

1. Use the base as a template to mark the locations of holes. Drill holes into the concrete using a concrete bit. Bit size needs to equal the wedge anchor diameter when working with wedge anchors. Drill the holes 1/2" deeper than the anchor will penetrate into the concrete making sure that the minimum embedment requirements are met. The holes can be drilled while the fixture is in place. It is important to make sure that the bit diameter being used will fit through the holes in the fixture.

2. Clean out the holes using a vacuum, blow out bulb, or air compressor.

3. Put the nut and washer onto the wedge anchor and make sure that the nut is on the last threads (this will protect the threads from damage when the wedge anchor is hammered into the hole in the concrete).

4. Insert the wedge anchor through the fixture's hole and into the hole in the base material. This should be a very tight fit- use a hammer to complete the installation until the nut and washer are tight against the fixture. It is important that the threads go below the surface of either the base material or the fixture.

5. Turn the nut clockwise, until finger tight. Use wrench to tighten until snug.

    YouTube Video – How to install wedge anchors in concrete