Pole With Brackets - Fence Posts, Railings, Concrete Walls

Tools Needed:

  • Drill
  • Phillips Bit size #3
  1. Position the pole where you want to secure it against a fence post, railing, wall, ect. 
  2. Center the 2 brackets on the upper and lower sections of the whatever you are securing the pole to. Try to separate the brackets as much as possible for optimal stability of the pole. If possible, have one bracket secure the bottom portion of the pole and have the 2nd bracket secure the top portion of the pole.  Attach the brackets using the 4 wood screws. If installing on a metal railing or a concrete wall you will need to purchase metal screws or concrete screws.
  3. Lean the pole against the brackets and secure it in place using the C clamps and bolts with wing nuts. Tighten the wing nuts to ensure the pole stays in place.