1. Screw the eye bolt into the small threaded hole at the top of the upper pole.
2. Attach the carabiner through the eye bolt
3. Apply entire grease packet over the lower pole end and spread evenly to ease assembly.
4. Connect the 2 pole pieces and secure them in place with the snap pin.

Tools Needed:
• Drill
• Drill bit 1/8” or 3mm (optional)
• Phillips bit (#3 works best) or screwdriver

1. Position the assembled pole where you want to secure it against a fence, railing, wall, etc.
2. Loosely attach the brackets and clamps on the pole at the desired heights. Brackets can be installed with the vertical portion oriented up or down. Separate the brackets as much as possible for optimal stability. If possible, place one bracket on the lower portion of the pole and one bracket on the upper portion of the pole. Ensure the pole is straight and then center the 2 brackets on the structure to which you are mounting. Use the holes in the brackets to mark locations for drilling.
3. Remove the brackets from the pole and set the pole aside. Drill pilot holes at the marked locations.
4. Attach the brackets to the wood structure using the 4 black wood screws (included). If installing on a metal railing or a concrete wall you will need to purchase metal screws or concrete screws.
5. Lean the pole against the brackets and secure it into place using the C clamps and bolts with washers and wing nuts. Tighten the wing nuts to ensure the pole stays in place.

• Use black zip ties to secure string lights in the carabiner clips
• Use a slightly damp cloth to spot clean (if needed). Wipe dry with a clean dry cloth.
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• IYN Stands assumes no liability if faulty or dangerous installation
practices are used.
• Use caution around power lines and electrical hazards during
installation. Do not assemble poles during an electrical storm,
rainstorm, or when lightning is possible .
• If using a ladder, follow ladder instructions and use best safety practices.

String Light Pole for Fences