Tips For Determining Your Grass, Sand or Gravel Installation

Ask yourself the following...

Do I want optimal stability for a longer run of string lights?

  • YES. Choose IYN Tank Stands, but keep in mind that tank stands are not sturdy enough for privacy screening, heavy duty string lights or shading material. 
  • NO. Choose between IYN Pole stands or IYN Tank Stands, but keep in mind that the pole stands can only accommodate a span of thin gauge lights up 15- 20 feet.

Am I planning to purchase IYN String Lights?


  • YES. Then choose between pole stands or tank stands depending on how far you want to span the lights. Pole stands can span up to 15-20 feet and tank stands can span up to 20 feet with proper anchoring techniques. Anchoring for pole stands Click Here. Anchoring for tank stands Click Here.
  • NO. If you're using heavy duty string lights as shown below the staking method will not work. Click Here to check out our lite duty lights.


Can you easily and safely install a 3' piece of rebar in the ground without hitting buried pipes or power lines or rocks?

Can you get sand or water to your set up location to weigh down the IYN Tank Stands?

  • NO, then choose pole stands as long as you don't have a span of lights over 15-20 feet.