How To Re-enforce and Stabilize Pole Stands On Grass or Sand
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Staking Can Be Used With Grass or Sand Set Ups

Tools Needed:

  • (1) approximately 7" metal spike per pole stand
  • Approximately 6 feet of black parachute cord
  • Hammer
  1. Tie a small loop at one end of the parachute cord (approximately 1”).
  2. Then loop the black cord around the pole by inserting one end of the cord through the loop.
  3. Position the cord above the snap pin to prevent the cord from sliding down the pole.
  4. Angle the cord on the opposite side of the pole stand from the direction that the lights are pulling.
  5. Stretch the black cord down to the grass, keeping the cord snug and tie another loop where the cord meets the grass.
  6. Insert the stake in the loop and secure the cord to the ground.