Tips For Determining Wooden Deck Installation

Tips For Determining Wooden Deck Installation

Ask yourself the following...

Do I want to drill holes in my deck?

Is my deck real wood or a synthetic product?

  • YES.  Real wood can be bolted and screwed into. Click HERE for instructions.
  • NO. Synthetic material requires a call to the manufacturer to ask if the product is sturdy enough to bolt or screw into?  Here are some come decking companies:TREX (1-800-289-8739)    AZEK/TimberTech (1-877-275-2935)    Fiberon (1-800-573-8841)        NewTechWood (1- 866 728 5273)

Can I get underneath my deck to attach the nuts to the bolts?

  • NO. Then use screws or tank stands.
  • YES. Then use bolts for the most secure installment. (Purchase bolts here)

Do I want to span the string lights over a 25' foot section on my deck?

  • YES. Then for optimal stability, you'll want to be able to bolt the pole stands to your deck.
  • NO. Then you have the option of installing the pole stands with screws or using tank stands.

Am I using heavy duty string lights as shown in this picture? Or am I going to use IYN Customizable String Lights?


  • If you're using heavy duty string lights you'll need to bolt the stands to the deck.
  • If you're using thin gauge string lights you'll have the option of using screws or tank stands.