String lighting makes everything magical, but sometimes the installation process can seem impossible when you don't have structures and trees to attach lights. I have a simple and easy process to share with you if you're wanting to illuminate around a dance floor, an outdoor dining table or maybe a fire pit!

The process that I'm going to share can be installed on grass, sand (beach or desert) or dirt, basically anywhere that you can drive a stake into the ground, but beware before you start!  Make sure that you won't hit any pipes, cables or wires underground.  You want to ensure that you can drive a stake approximately 2 feet into the ground without busting any lawn irrigation or cutting any wires.

Also, please note that this installation method can only accommodate 15-20 foot spans of lights.  The lights must be thin gauge string lights because the heavy-duty, thick cord string lights will be too heavy for the poles. (click here to purchase customizable string lights)

If you need to span a longer distance please check out our IYN Tank Stands.  They can accommodate a span of 30 feet using thin gauge string lights.  

Items You Will Need:

4   T-posts or pieces of 1" rebar that is approximate 4' long

4   IYN Pole Stands (click here to purchase)

A T-post driver or large hammer

Black zip ties and nippers to cut 

String lights - make sure to purchase our customizable light gauge string lights 

Black power cord at least 15' long (click here to purchase)


Generator if you don't have access to power

Measure out where you want your 4 poles to be placed. The maximum recommended span for this installation method is 15-20 feet. Mark each spot and then pound the T-post into the ground using a T-post driver or hammer the rebar in. Make sure you drive the metal post or rebar in far enough so that it is secure in the ground and can't be pulled out or over. 

Once all 4 metal posts are installed slide the IYN Pole Stands over the posts.

Using a ladder, add the black power cord to whichever pole you want to run power up. Simply run the black power cord up the exterior of the pole and secure the female end of the power cord inside the carabiner at the top of the pole. Use black zip ties to secure the power cord along the exterior of the pole. We recommend a black cord because it blends in nicely.  Once you reach the ground you can plug in another cord if it's needed to reach your power source.

Next, you will install your string lights.  Plug into the power cord on the top of the pole, making sure to secure the lights to the carabiner clip so they don't come crashing down. Then extend the lights out to the remaining poles, adjusting the droop to the look you want.  This picture shows a lot of droop and wouldn't be practical if you plan to have guests milling about. Instead, I recommend pulling the lights up close to the 9.6' height without pulling the poles over. You may discover that you have some extra string lights at the end.  We remove the bulbs and then slide the extra cord down the pole. 


Photo Credit: Benjamin Edwards Photography

December 15, 2018 — Kelly Louden