IYN STANDS (Illuminate Your Night) is a family-owned business that began to take shape when we were in need of a way to hang string lights and privacy screening on our patio.  We were already in the event lighting industry, operating our rental company that specializes in hanging string lights for weddings and event. So, of course, we wanted to enhance our own space. 

And so began the jerry-rigging, makeshift, DIY process of trying to find a stable way to hang bamboo screening and string lights. Fast forward a year and multiple inquiries from our rental company customers asking for a solution to hang string lights on their patios! Pressure and inspiration collided.  Before long my brother was welding prototypes and various designs were gaining life. 

Now, thanks to a local partnership, we have USA made, sturdy steel poles that will securely attach to wood decks or concrete patios allowing anyone to hang lights and screening. We also offer a portable or temporary tank stand that can be filled with water or sand, along with a gorgeous wine barrel stand that has been a hit with event venues. Patios just got a lot more inviting! 

Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding our products at illuminateyournight@gmail.com. We love helping people find solutions to their backyard challenges.

If you're curious about our Redmond, Oregon-based rental company, please visit www.illuminateyournight.com