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Used & Scratched IYN Pole Stands

IYN Stands

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IYN's used and scratched pole stands are 9.6-foot (115 inches) with base plates of 5.75 inches. 

IYN Pole Stands are ideal for patio and deck spaces in need of lighting, shading, or privacy screening. Poles are made from steel tubing with a textured powder coating, specifically constructed to withstand nearly all weather conditions. Our pole stands come in two pieces that slide together and lock in place with a snap button. The metal base plate allows for 3 bolts or concrete anchors to attach to any wood decking material or concrete finish. Additionally, a 1.5-inch carabiner-style clip at the top of the pole allows for secure attachment of lights, shading, or a privacy screen.


  • (2) metal tubes that slide together to create a 9.6-foot (115-inch) pole
  • (1) 5.75-inch metal base plate with 3 holes for bolts or concrete anchors (hardware not included)
  • (1) 1.5-inch carabiner-style clip
  • Instructions for installation on wood decking or concrete

Installation hardware, lights/privacy screen, extension cords

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