IYN Pole Stands

IYN Pole Stands (BROWN) - Hang string lights, shading or privacy screening

IYN Stands

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Illuminate Your Night Stands' (IYN Stands) outdoor string light poles are the best companion for your lighting or privacy screening needs! Standing 9.6 feet (115 inch) tall, each pole is made of durable, powder-coated steel (065 x 1 3/4 inch gauge steel round tubing) and includes a sturdy carabiner-style hook on top for your lights. Our patent-pending poles mount to wood decks and concrete to enhance any outdoor space and they're able to withstand nearly all weather conditions.

IYN Stands' outdoor string light poles can support up to a 40-foot long string of commercial grade (thick cord) outdoor lights, LED lights, lantern lights, globe lights, and more. Alternatively, they can also support up to a 70-foot long string of non-commercial grade outdoor lights (thin cord).


  • (2) metal tubes that slide together to create one, 9.6 foot (115 inch) pole
  • (1) 1.5 inch carabiner-style clip at the top of the pole to attach outdoor string lights
  • (1) 5.75 inch round metal base plate with 3 holes for bolts or concrete anchors

NOT INCLUDED: Installation hardware, outdoor string lights or privacy screen, or extension cords for lights

INSTRUCTIONS for installation on wood decking, concrete and within grassy areas are included. If you have a deck made of composite lumber such as Trex, then we strongly recommend you contact your deck manufacturer to determine if and how to mount these poles to your specific type of material before purchase.

RECOMMENDED HARDWARE: For concrete installation, we recommend (3) 3/8 inch x 3 inch wedge anchors. For wood deck installation, we recommend (3) 3/8-16 inch x 2-1/2 inch Hex Bolts, 3/8-16 inch Hex Nuts and 3/8 inch flat washers. You will need 3 sets per pole as there are three mounting holes. For grass installation, you will need a T-post or a 4' piece of rebar and a T-post driver or a hammer.

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